We’re so excited for our first post on our blog and even more excited on who were talking about, In the recent weeks Erika and I have had the pleasure in meeting a wonderful individual. Her name is Adrienne and she is a Holistic Nutritionist and a inspiration to all women. First let me fill you in a little on her background…

After 6 years in the model industry Adrienne had a terrible relationship with her body and herself. Trying to be someone who everyone else wanted her to be only broke her down more. She was completely lost, lonely and frustrated and finally found the strength to make a change. Having been on so many fad diets and putting her own body through a roller coaster she was curious to learn what she really should be eating and doing to build a healthy relationship with food, her body and most importantly herself.

Adrienne studied Nutrition and now works with women to re-develop a positive relationship through food, self-awareness, self-love and healing. In today’s high stress world so many women are in competition, and looking at magazines and movie stars comparing themselves to something that’s not even real. Adrienne believes Nutrition isn’t about denying yourself but supporting yourself and your body. She helps you design a program that gives you the tools, education, love and support that will create subtle long term lifestyle shifts that stick.

Like Adrienne has said, “everything happens for a reason.” We feel fortunate to have met her and hope that this post reaches out to the women who need it!


You can find Adrienne on

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nourishedlifebyadrienneford

Instagram: @iamadrienneford

Website: http://adrienneford.net (under construction but you can still get a feel for Adrienne and what she’s all about)