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Erika and Tiffany Brown are sisters and co-owners of Fitness Foods. With Erika’s culinary background of more then ten years and Tiffany’s experience in customer service and finance, the two of them joined together to pursue their passion of helping others look and feel their best by providing delicious, gourmet, healthy meals. The meals are wheat and sugar free and they source only the finest quality ingredient like fresh organic produce, grass fed, free range and pasture raised meats. The meals are prepared and portioned then delivered to your home, gym or office in a personalized cooler bag.


Founder, Erika Brown has had a love for food since she was little. After graduating from Culinary school in 2004 she found herself working endless hours in a kitchen with little reward. Having no time for her family and constantly being sick, tired and overweight she knew something had to change. Searching for a more fulfilling future she became a personal cook for a holistic lifestyle coach. He introduced Erika to the world of health. He was dedicated to eating clean and it was part of his lifestyle. Erika began to understand the importance of nutrition and how it affects our daily lives. For almost 10 years now Erika has dedicated her life to cooking and nutrition providing people with busy lifestyles fresh and healthy meals.                                IMG_4915Hi

Co-Owner Tiffany has always had a passion for food and fitness. She believes in healing the body from the inside out and understand the importance of proper nutrition to fuel us in our every day lives. She loves working with people and being able to help each and every client with their specific needs.