-Food Quality/Taste. Of the 7? Delivery service companies I’ve tried from Toronto, Vancouver and LA I would say that your food is the tastiest!
-Customer Service. You were very sweet when I met you at Sandra Wickham, and have been friendly when discussing all customer service issues.
-Your driver. Mo is hands down the best delivery guy I’ve ever dealt with.

Jordan Cairns

Having high blood pressure I’ve tried countless diets and nutrition plans and nothing has worked. In just two weeks of eating Fitness Foods my blood pressure dropped drastically, I lost weight and I have an abundance of energy. Even my Naturopath was blown away! 

Dan Loney

Loney Financial in Langley BC

Just before starting the Paleo food deliveries my fasting blood sugar was ranging from 12.0-18.0 mmol/L.. I was close to being put on insulin.

 Since Sunday February 15, 2015, each morning my sugar has read between 5.1 – 5.6 mmol/L…. well within the normal range.

I am very happy. Just wait until my doctor sees this…- Lanna

Meals have been phenomenal. No complaints from my end. Love the packing and how everything is labelled and organized. 

Victor Bartley 

Nashville Predators

I just had to say that those coconut crusted chicken strips were insane!   So awesome!

Thanks again – what you provide is invaluable.  After a lot of stress this past year or so, I lost a ton of weight and muscle mass, plus dealing with chronic pain.  5 weeks eating your meals and seeing Lance again has helped to put back on 10lb of lean muscle already.   – Lorne Litowitz

I just wanted to email to say that your company is awesome. I just got off a long 16 hour day to come home to find my next couple days of food just waiting for me so I don’t now have to go make lunch for work tomorrow. 

Your company is making eating clean with a busy schedule so much easier 🙂

thank you so much!  – Ruth Filer

Glad to be back with you guys — eating on the road has been terrible! My health has improved greatly with fitness foods, and I’m looking forward to a good year 🙂 – Alexis Smith

Hi there.  Your services are great!  We really enjoyed the salmon dish and the spicy yogurt.  The big salad and breakfast pancakes were very tasty as well. We were very impressed with how perfectly you cooked the fish and the veggies.  None were undercooked or overdone.  Considering we had to reheat the fish, it was very tender and moist.  Great job!  – Eileen Wilson

The convenience of it was amazing and the selection was perfect. I have heard nothing but compliments from the food to the delivery, to the delivery man. Fitness Foods will be our go-to for his business trips in Vancouver for sure.Leah Carlson

I am really loving the food! It has been such a help these last few weeks as I’ve been working very long hours – and have totally noticed a difference in my overall quality of life!

I am 100% totally satisfied 🙂 – Andrew LeBlanc

I’ve honestly completely fallen in love with your service already. Foods awesome, and the delivery is on par. – Will Wallace

Meals are just amazing! It taste delicious and fresh! – Nick Sun

Loving it, the convinence and quality are outstanding.

I work 70 hours a week and eating healthy is exteramlly difficult. – Jessie Guthro

Food is awesome, thank you so much and delivery went great.  You all are great, thank you so much, if I hadn’t found you guys I probably wouldn’t be competing in 11 weeks! – Rikki Kunz

I LOVE the food – you guys are awesome!!! – Catherine

With Fitness Foods I have seen really great results, not just with losing some weight but also because not shopping and cooking has freed up some valuable time, enabling me to get to the gym more often and catch up on life outside of work.  The quality of the meals has been excellent and I am almost ready to fit in to some of my beach clothes again as I get ready to head to Mexico and then Costa Rica in a couple of weeks time, so thank you very much to you and the whole team! – Phillip Cornthwaite

I just wanted to say how much I am impressed with service and quality of the food! I was looking for this service/food for quite a bit and I am completely satisfied! Good job guys! – Val

I am sending this email just to thank you for this week’s menu. Absolutely delicious.

Thank you for all your work – Marc

I’m really loving the food and feeling satisfied after every meal. – Ann Caulfield

As a CrossFit box owner and coach I always seek ways to improve the performance of my athletes. As a matter of fact, performance enhancement is directly correlated to nutrition. As an athlete, it can be really hard to put good intentions into actions… thankfully; Fitness Foods is there to bridge that gap. Tiffany, Erika and their professional crew are providing me, as well as several of my athletes and trainers with the proper fuel to keep them going during our regular CrossFit “grind” and recovery. The food is fantastic and the ingredients support the healthiest of lifestyle. Bringing Fitness Foods in our business was the best decision we’ve made since opening our gym. I have since recommended FF to countless clients and all have stated to be extremely satisfied with the product and service. 

Sebastien Lavoie

Sheepdog CrossFit, Port Coquitlam British Columbia

I’m very impressed with the food quality i’ve been receiving. It is excellent. I love to cook and I think the food is superb. I season it a bit more but that’s a personal choice and better to have less than more. Green curry last night was excellent. I’m very hard to please generally and have a super insane schedule so this is working out awesome. – Will John