Meet Our Nutritionist – Jennifer Weintz

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were 14? Jennifer Weintz certainly does, because it was at that young age when she realized her passion for health and fitness and how important it was to make the right food choices. After feeling run down and generally not her normal, upbeat self, Jennifer saw a naturopath and was diagnosed with food allergies — forcing her to change her diet.

“It was at that time when I realized what I put into my mouth affected the way I felt and acted. I took a look at my diet and realized that the majority of the foods out there are full of chemicals, additives and overly processed — I was eating foods that were causing a negative reaction with almost every meal!” says Jennifer. “When I made the change to eating whole, fresh, earth grown nutrients, I was able to think clearer, and I felt more in tune with myself, which then allowed me to be more confident and open to opportunities that would come my way.”

Jennifer also took up yoga at 14, which helped her ease her teenage anxieties, keeping her grounded and on a good path. Together, a holistic based diet, yoga and fitness led her to a profound realisation for a 14-year old: Jennifer realized that holistic health was her life purpose. What is truly inspiring about Jennifer’s story is that at such a tender age, her insight expanded beyond the boundaries of self to others — as Jennifer puts it: “I realized that my purpose was to empower and guide others on how to heal themselves holistically.”

She has now been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. She is a RHN (registered holistic nutritionist), Life coach, Certified yoga instructor, Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor and competitor, Certified personal trainer, as well as a International and National bikini fitness competitor and coach. Mostly, she works hard to do what she loves to inspire others to also live through their passion. “Being the change she wishes to see in the world” and empowering others through knowledge, guidance, and inspiration. Titles come and go, there’s always going to be someone that ends up being better than the last, but the impact you have on someone’s life by inspiring and motivating them to accomplish their own fitness goals, is by far the most rewarding. She feels so blessed to work with so many amazing people and loves seeing them achieve what they didn’t think they could. 

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