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A friend of ours, Mike Dirks, a well known Personal Trainer in Vancouver and very passionate about health and fitness, is hosting an amazing event October 19th at the Creekside Community Centre in downtown Vancouver. He wants to teach you how to kick start your approach to fitness!

Recharge is a one-day event that will energize you, and spark new ideas in six key areas of your life: mind, body, spirit, career, relationships and finances.

It’s like getting ten of the thought leaders of the city to be your personal mentors for the day. People who can help with every area of your life.

He will be joined by world-class keynote speaker Peter Twist, an icon in the fitness industry. He’s the founder of Twist Conditioning whose training method and equipment are used around the world, he trained the Canucks, and he just beat brain cancer. He’ll be speaking about how to have an impact.

You also get the opportunity to individually tailor your day, choosing from over a dozen workshops, interactive sessions and lectures that best help you maximize your potential.

  • Dai and Christie Manuel, Life Enhancers: Recharge Your Relationships

  • Scott Andrews, holistic nutritionist: New Ideas for Nutrition

  • Kelly Jablonski, athlete/plane crash survivor: Recharge Your Spirit

  • Melanie Guertin and Justine Levenberg, PL3Y Inc: Get PLAYFUL with your life!

  • Dana Flemming and Nancy Fearon, Vision Wealth Management: Financial Planning 101

  • Amrit and Noelle, Vancity: Do You Have What It Takes to Be An Entrepreneur?

  • Gordon Dirks, politician/trustee: Recharge your Leadership

  • Riel Roussopoulos, digital expert: Maximize your Minutes – 10 Apps to Recharge your Life

  • Rachael McErlean, McErlean Mortgages: Recharge your Career

At the end of the day, you’ll get the support, coaching and tools you need to create a concrete action plan. You’ll leave equipped and empowered to stay motivated and make real change.

And the best part about growing locally, is that you’ll also have the opportunity to become part of an ongoing community and a conversation that will support you to reach your goals.


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We look forward to seeing you there!

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