Welcome to Fitness Foods! We look forward to serving you with fresh, delicious, healthy meals! 

Please read through the following to get the most out of your service with us!

We deliver twice per week and your food is always fresh, never frozen! Choose your meals from Monday to Wednesday and from Thursday to Sunday. Please pay attention to the ORDER DEADLINES to never miss an order. We go to multiple suppliers to make sure you have the best quality ingredients at the lowest possible price. This takes us a few days to organize so we need your order three days ahead of time.

Balanced Nutrition

Each meal features a carefully calibrated combination of 4 ounces of protein (beef, chicken, pork, turkey, fish, seafood, eggs), low glycemic carbohydrates (brown rice, steel cut oats, quinoa, yams, legumes), heart-healthy fats, and an array of organic fruits and vegetables.

Options Available

No Grain? No Problem! We serve paleo meals for only $1 extra per meal 

Extra Protein – Get an extra 3oz of protein = 7oz total for $3 extra per meal

Substitutions – The meals from our set menu come as is. They can not be changed or have ingredients omitted. If you find you can’t have a particular ingredient, please choose another meal or use the a la carte menu to customize your own meals.


Some meals contain small amounts of raw organic cheese but always served on the side unless otherwise stated.

Quality Control

Providing you with excellent service is of utmost importance to us and strict quality control practices are in place. However if you do have a concern about any aspect of our service, or a particular meal, please notify us immediately so that we may resolve the issue.

If a meal has not met your expectations, please take a photo and notify us right away.

Our skilled chef’s all have a food safe certificate. We take every precaution to ensure the quality of food. In the rare chance you should get sick we are not held responsible for illness or allergies.

Convenient Delivery

Your meals will arrive FRESH on ice in a cooler bag, twice per week. We’ll pick up the previous delivery’s cooler bag and ice pack – kindly leave them outside your door – when we make your next delivery.

If coolers are being held at any time, there is a $10 fee for a new cooler. Once the new cooler is purchased it remains yours should you forget again.


We’re here to serve you and are committed to helping you reach your healthy eating goals. Your feedback is encouraged. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if we can be of assistance, answer questions or provide further information.



Further Information

Still have questions? We’d be happy to clarify the finer points of how Fitness Foods works, you may reach out to us at anytime.

Thank you for choosing Fitness Foods. Enjoy your meals!

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