Terms & Conditions

Quality Controls

Providing our clients with excellent service is of utmost importance to us and strict quality control practices are in place. However if you do have a concern about any aspect of our service, or a particular meal, please notify us immediately so that we may resolve the issue. Any meal that does not meet your standards must be returned to ensure a refund.

Our skilled staff all carry a food safe certificate. We take every precaution to ensure in your quality of food. In the rare chance you should get sick we are not held responsible for illness or allergies.

Meals must not stay in their cooler bags longer then 2 hours.

The temperature range in which food-born bacteria can grow is known as the danger zone. This is from roughly 4–5 to 60 °C (39–41 to 140 °F). Food that remains in this zone for more than two hours should not be consumed. Foodborne microorganisms grow much faster in the middle of the zone, at temperatures between 21 and 47 °C (70 and 117 °F). Fitness Foods is not responsible for meals that are not refrigerated or kept out of the danger zone.

Convenient Delivery

Your meals will arrive FRESH on ice in a cooler bag, twice per week. We’ll pick up the previous delivery’s cooler bag and ice pack – kindly leave them outside your door – when we make your next delivery.

If coolers are being held at any time, there is a $10 fee for a new cooler. Once the new cooler is purchased it remains yours should you forget again.


Delivery Times are subject to change at anytime

Product Availability

We go above and beyond to keep meals as consistent as possible. If products we order come in and do not meet our standards we have the right to change ingredients in our meals at any time.