About Us

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Erika and Tiffany Brown are sisters and best friends, business partners, and mothers who are passionate about healthy living, the future of good, honest food, and contributing to the movement of preventing disease and transforming health through diet.


Fitness Foods is a delivery service, providing organic, fresh, farm-to-table meals to clients in BC’s lower mainland.

We are committed to sourcing ingredients containing the highest levels of available vitamins, minerals and super foods.  Creating ready-made meals that are perfectly balanced, minimally processed and made with love.


The fastest way to transform our health is through diet.

We’re bringing organic, farm-to-table meals to you, because we believe the food we eat is our fuel and medicine. What we eat becomes us, and enables us to function and perform at our most optimal.

Eat Well – It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!



Grass Fed & Finished

Pasture Raised

Gluten & Sugar Free


Whole, Super Foods

Balanced & Delicious

Nutrient Dense & Antioxidant Rich


Founder, Erika Brown has had a love for food since she was little. After joining the culinary world she found herself working endless hours in a kitchen with little reward. Having no time for her family and constantly being sick, tired and overweight she knew something had to change. Searching for a more fulfilling future she became a personal cook for a holistic lifestyle coach. He introduced Erika to the world of health. He was dedicated to eating clean and it was part of his lifestyle. Erika began to understand the importance of nutrition and how it affects our daily lives. For almost 10 years now Erika has dedicated her life to cooking and nutrition providing people with busy lifestyles fresh and healthy meals.                                IMG_4915Hi

Co-Owner Tiffany has always had a passion for clean and organic food along with an active lifestyle, so it was only natural she joined her sister in creating Fitness Foods. Tiffany’s philosophy for healing the body is from the inside out and she understands the importance of proper nutrition to fuel everyday lives. Her history within accounting and the service industry only furthers her passion for Fitness Foods. Tiffany loves working with people and being able to help each and every client with their specific needs, all while crunching the numbers on the front end of the business.